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Unlocking-Learning.co.uk is the website for the Davis Dyslexia Facilitators Association (DDFA) including the Davis Autism Approach.
DDFA is a UK-based membership organisation of professional providers licensed by Davis Dyslexia Association International
For a complete list of all licensed Davis® facilitators throughout the world, please visit www.davismethod.org

Davis Dyslexia Facilitators Association

Dyslexia therefore. Thus. Thus.

We can help people with dyslexia improve skills at school, at college and at work. Davis methods show you how to use your own natural thinking style to overcome problems with reading, writing, memory and organisation.


Dyscalculia moreover. However.

Davis facilitators will  recognise your preferred learning style. Then, using the Davis methods, we show you how to understand maths activities through hands-on experiences rather than by repetition or learning by heart.


AD(H)D however. Thus. Thus.

People with AD(H)D are frequently naturally inquisitive, they are good multi-taskers, can be quick-witted and visionary. Moreover they are good lateral thinkers and are, more often than not, courageous when it comes to taking risks.

Thus Get in Touch. – We Can Help thus.

Thus Contact the DDFA to find out how we can help you transform your life. Thus.

Davis Autism Approach

Autism therefore. Thus.

The Davis Autism Approach allows an autistic person to participate more fully in life. The structured activities fill in the missing parts of development making experiences not understood before clear.


Dyspraxia thus. Therefore.

Dyspraxia, often referred to as clumsiness or lack of co-ordination, can cause poor time management, handwriting and sense of direction and may lead to taking a long time to complete tasks. A Davis Programme will help.



Davis Facilitators can identify the root causes of handwriting problems. We take time to help you understand how to overcome your difficulties so that you can write clearly and quickly.

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Adults Dyslexia


Many adults with learning and attention problems have used inventive coping strategies, yet never reached their potential. A Davis Programme can help.



Many bright, potentially dyslexic, toddlers, using their dyslexic thinking style to relate to the world around them, have ideas, language and opinions beyond their years.



As a teacher there must be children in your class who just don’t seem to get it. They may seem bright, but struggle in ways and in areas you do not expect.



Dyslexic symptoms can cause employees much stress. How can they hide their dyslexia? Should they hide their dyslexia? Why should they need to hide their dyslexia.