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Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity (ADD)

ADD, though more recently defined and less frequently detected than dyslexia, has implications for a person’s lifelong learning that can be very far-reaching. One definition for Attention Deficit Disorder is:
‘developmentally inappropriate inattention and impulsivity with and without hyperactivity. People with ADD may struggle with low self-esteem, troubled relationships and poor performance in school’

Positive aspects of ADD/ADHD

Yet ADHD has many positive features too. People with ADHD are often naturally inquisitive and good multi-taskers; they can be quick-witted and visionary; are usually good lateral thinkers and can be courageous when it comes to taking risks. These characteristics can be powerful assets in many walks of life.

The ADD/ADHD thinking style

In order to fully understand ADHD, it is important to recognise that a person who has it will often have incomplete mastery of important life concepts such as: consequence, cause, effect, time, sequence and order/disorder. Many of the behavioural issues that some people display can be traced back to their lack of understanding of these concepts, that other people master instinctively as they develop through childhood.

ADHD Athlete

Davis Attention Mastery: A drug-free approach

Sadly, many treatment programmes offer a suppressive approach, seeing the condition as a disease or disorder requiring prescriptive treatment. Some advocate the use of powerful psycho-active drugs and stimulants. Apart from the grave risk of adverse side effects from this medication, there is also a serious risk that the positive attributes of the ADHD thinking style may be eliminated or impaired along with those traits which have been deemed undesirable.

Davis is different! Offering a drug-free approach, the Davis Attention Mastery Programme enables people with ADHD to fully master the concepts needed for successful interaction with other people and with the process of learning.

This article by Brenda Baird of Dyslexia Australia, Detailed Processor vs Slow Processor And Diversified Processor vs ADD gives a different perspective on ADHD.

As this video explains, the Davis Approach sees the individual with ADHD, or with Dyslexia or Autism as having an innate ability that is potentially world changing. This approach puts them in control of that ability and shows them how to use this control to eliminate the problems that come along with it:

In the above clip Axel Gudmundsson discusses an advert from Apple which was called “Think Different.” We have modified it slightly, by identifying which one of the innovators in the video has been, or would today be diagnosed with a “learning difficulty”.

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