A Davis Programme can help adults with dyslexia as well as children.

Adults with Dyslexia

Many adults with dyslexia have lived with learning and attention problems all their lives. As a result, they may always have  felt they were functioning below their potential. They may have managed, therefore, by hiding the difficulties behind inventive coping strategies.

Adults with dyslexia, or any of its related Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), may have experienced a lifetime of being called lazy, or being told that they need to try harder, or that they are not very bright.

Many have lived with an almost constant level of anxiety that they are not good enough and, consequently, someone is going to find out they are not good enough. This causes major problems at work.

If you are an adultwith dyslexia, or any other SpLD, and you want to change, the Davis Programme can help you.

The Davis Programme is particularly suitable for adults because:

* A facilitator will work with you on a one-to-one basis.
* The programme will be planned to meet your specific goals.
* The programme provides mental tools. These allow you to focus, help you to relax and therefore manage stress and energy-levels. The tools help you learn skills that will get rid of your reading difficulties.
* The Davis Programme is  intensive, usually delivered over a period of 30 hours. Thus there are no weekly visits. Timing, however, can always be flexible to suit your commitments.
* There is follow-up work. You arrange your follow-up work to suit your own timetable and commitments. The work is done independently with no extra expense, because your facilitator will make sure you know how.
* Davis Facilitators understand the difficulties you live with as an adult with dyslexia.

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In the meantime, if reading is a problem and you are missing out on great literature you may find the Listening Books organisation helpful. It is subsided, so not free to all, although, for those who experience financial difficulties, there are a few free memberships available.

Adults Dyslexia
Adults with Dyslexia
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