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Davis Learning Programmes.

In response to the COVID-19 restrictions worldwide, many Davis Facilitators can now offer web-delivered Davis Programmes. Now  restrictions have been lifted, it has been shown that online programmes can be very effective and they have continued to be delivered.

Even though these programmes can be delivered online, it was always a good idea to choose a facilitator nearby, or in an area that you would be able to travel to once travel restrictions were lifted. This is in case it was felt necessary for Facilitators to provide direct, in-person support once travel and social distancing restrictions are relaxed or lifted, depending on individual circumstances tied to on-line delivery of the programme.

So, though the time of lock-down is over, we would recommend that, unless distance is a major problem, you consider finding a facilitator with whom you can complete at least some of the programme in person.

Davis Dyslexia Correction –a facilitated programme that gives control over learning and correction of mistakes to the dyslexic

Maths Mastery Programme – a facilitated programme that eliminates confusion with maths procedures and language.

Attention Mastery programme– a facilitated programme that allows an individual with ADHD to overcome attention difficulties.

Young Learners programme – a coached programme to prevent the common difficulties of dyslexia.

A support person must be available to assist in the delivery of certain procedures that will require some hand to hand contact. These are the particular areas that would benefit most from face to face contact.

Not all Facilitators will be providing these services. Some Facilitators have other obligations or circumstances that would not allow them to effectively offer complete on-line programs at this time.

Also available as Online Programmes:

Davis Concept Development Programmes

These programmes are for those clients who are unable to work face to face with a facilitator or for parents who wish to support their child’s development and can not attend a workshop in person.

Stepping Stones (1 and 2 )–  coached programmes to establish key concepts for identity development in non-verbal and/or young people diagnosed with autism.

Davis Life Concepts for Autism – a facilitated or coached programme for people with an autism diagnosis older than 8yrs and verbal.

Davis Concepts for LifeSM

– a facilitated programme for individuals who are struggling with stress, focus, being organised, effective decision making, being responsible and/or managing relationships

Parent courses

Why Tyrannosaurus But Not If – a six part course for parents who wish to be proactive in improving the academic performance of their dyslexic child by utilising and understanding dyslexia. Participants will learn how to implement simple strategies via straight forward interactive exercises.

Adults with Dyslexia
Davis Young Learner's Programme My Child Dyslexic
Dyslexia in Young Adults
Dyscalculia 1
ADHD in Children