As a Teacher you want to help all the children in your class achieve to the best of their ability. You, therefore, make great efforts to design lessons that are clear and will thus make sense to all; however, this is not always the outcome.

Learners who struggle in class

As a teacher there must be children in your class who just don’t seem to get it. They may, moreover, seem bright, yet struggle when it comes to one or more or all of the following: thus

  • reading  thus
  • writing  thus
  • spelling  thus
  • arithmetic  thus
  • organisational skill  thus
  • lack of attention  thus
  • disruptive behaviour  thus

Furthermore, you may have noticed that they continue to experience difficulties, despite having had much input from the SEN support systems within the school.

 Davis Methods hold the answer:

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It would be wonderful if schools in the UK offered Davis Learning Strategies.

Core Davis Learning Strategies are:

  • Davis Focusing Skills: providing the self-directed ability to be focused on the learning task at hand
  • Davis Symbol Mastery: allowing mastery of the alphabet, punctuation marks and basic sight words using a simple, and fun multi-sensory alternative to drill exercises and pencil and paper activities.
  •  Davis Reading Exercises which improve word recognition and comprehension skills.

See how successful Davis Learning Sreategies have been:

Below is a graphic representation of the improvement experienced in 10 schools in New Zealand after attending a 2-day Davis Learning Strategies workshop. When properly implemented, we see every single child reaching or surpassing the NZ national standards for reading.

Dyslexia in the Workplace