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    Testimonial from a client of Selena Clay.

    Annie, Powys (mother)

    Before my fourteen year old daughter started the programme she was mainly in the top set at school but her spelling was really, really awful and her reading was affected as well. She was very worried about starting her GCSE’s, especially her English GCSE, as she was worried about how many marks she would lose for spelling and she also worried about not reading the exam questions correctly and so answering wrongly.

    First noticed

    The first thing I noticed was as soon as she started the Davis method her confidence skyrocketed and has really stayed up. Since doing the programme her marks, especially for English, have really improved. She recently got 100% in her English GCSE controlled assessment and at her last parents evening her English teacher asked me, “What has she done, it’s like she’s not dyslexic anymore?” and it is true that her spelling is now fine. These massive changes in spelling and confidence have meant that her motivation has also really gone up. I would say that doing the Davis method has really changed my daughters life.

    Testimonial from a client of Fionna Pilgrim

    10 year old child from near York

    I feel as though a weight’s lifted off my shoulders cos I felt like I was the only one, like I was an upside down ant on its back not able to do anything. I didn’t think anyone could do anything about it.

     testimonial fionna

    “Fionna’s (facilitator) new headdress.”

     Testimonial from a client of Maureen Florido

    Mother of a 5-year-old boy who was becoming very upset and frustrated with school life.

    “Thank you for your wonderful support for J…(and me!). You have opened the world for him. We are very grateful.”

    Mother one year on.
    “J…… is doing very well and is coming on in leaps and bounds with his reading. We are very pleased.”

    5-year-old boy at the beginning of the Programme
    “I get dizzy when reading, and get headaches I see lights in front of my eyes I get angry when I can’t read.”

    Same boy during the Programme – model made at home 

    Testimonials I can read

    Testimonial from a Dyscalculia client of Maxine Piper

    Michael is just one example of the many individuals whose lives have been changed after working with a Davis Dyslexia Facilitator. Dyslexia is often just thought of as a reading and writing problem with people having difficulty processing the symbols of words but some dyslexics can also have difficulty with symbols used in the language of mathematics (Dyscalculia), because it comes from the same root cause.

    The Issue

    When Michael first came to me he was extremely mystified as to how his peers could pick a number and get the right answer to a multiplication question. So when asked a question he would choose a random number and get very despondent when that answer was wrong!

    The Solution

    Through the Maths Mastery Programme he now has certainty and knows the right answer. As you can see from Michael and his mother’s testimonial, when he starts to be more certain he also starts to be more confident, which leads to faster learning.

    Michael White, aged 10, wrote his own testimonial for Maxine. 

    “I think Maxine Piper is the person you need to see if you are dyslexic.
    Maxine provides you with all the equipment you need when you are struggling. Maxine is always positive and always thinks and says you have potential.
    I think in myself I have excelled lots and lots in the last year, plus I have made some friends and had lots of laughs along the way.
    I now feel that I can achieve so much more and I am more confident in myself.”

    Michael’s mother adds:

    “Our son Michael was struggling at school, he found maths a complete nightmare! My husband and I couldn’t seem to help; his frustration set in. We couldn’t help or console him when he couldn’t remember how to do basic and easy problems.
    We were so lucky to find Maxine. Since we got together last year we haven’t looked back. Michael followed the programme with Maxine and has improved in every way; he’s a changed boy! Self-confidence and understanding are now in place!
    They enjoy each other’s company and have gelled so well together. There’s still work to be done and Michael spends hourly lessons still with Maxine each week. He would rather go than School! Michael’s letter says it all.”

    Testimonial from a client of Phillida Howlett

    Reflections of an adult male

    ” On reaching my mid thirties, I realised I could not go on like I was. Every small task which I failed at, would always trigger something from the past, and make me feel worthless & stupid.

    In turn, it would cause uncontrolled fits of aggression & rage. It was like dragging a boulder around with me, which I tried all my life to shake off, by doing sports, college courses & martial arts.

    Then I came across the book ‘The Gift Of Dyslexia’ and, with research, it put me in touch with Phyllida.

    I can say the experience was life changing for me, but hard work & painful at times. Phyllida had a way of connecting with me, which helped me open up & learn.

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